1. "ROGER MACKENZIE" Astute, compassionate and just down right handsome, where would Claire be if it hadn't been for Roger? Raised by his uncle, Reverend Wakefield, in Inverness, he learned from a young age how to navigate through the myths, legends, and truths of history's tragedies as well as its victories. It's that knowledge combined with his desire to be close to Brianna that helps light Claire's path to finding Jamie.
    Richard Rankin
  2. "IAN MURRAY" Growing up at Lallybroch as best friend to Jamie Fraser, the experiences of war gave him all that is necessary to live among the Fraser Clan. Charismatic, with a gift for diplomacy and an abundance of patience, the now brother-in-law to Jamie, needs all three to live with the ever so passionate Frasers. Lallybroch would truly be lost without him.
    Steven Cree
  3. "LAIRD COLUM MACKENZIE" With character surpassing even the most rugged Highland men, he rules with intellect and emotion. He is a man confident in his abilities, knowing all that is needed to protect his clan and steer his people toward prosperity. As brother to War Chieftain Dougal and uncle to Jamie Fraser, Colum Mackenzie proved that it's not the physical stature that makes the man, but the cunning and strength to triumph.
    Gary Lewis
  4. "BRIANNA RANDALL FRASER" Born in Boston to Frank and Claire, Brianna Randall is the modern day 20th Century woman, full of confidence, curiosity, and a will of iron. Backing down from a challenge is not in her blood, so once she discovers her father is an 18th century Scottish Highlander, the gauntlet is thrown. Through forgotten journals, aged letters, historical documents, Claire’s own memories, and solid stone, the quest to find Jamie finds her heart in the hands of Roger Mackenzie. The only person from her own time who could understand what her world was, what it is, and what it shall be.
    Sophie Skelton
  5. "YOUNG IAN" Perhaps the most gregarious of all the Murray family, young Ian won’t be satisfied living the life of a young farmer at Lallybroch. With his chosen role model of his uncle Jamie Fraser, he yearns for the adventuresome life his father and uncle experienced in their youth. A patriot to his core, prideful, stubborn, yet loving, and kind, young Ian has confidence enough for all the men of his family, sometimes too much. With his best friend Fergus at his side finding fun in Edinburgh is easy, yet it’s not until he leaves his beloved Scotland that the adventure he has longed for begins.
    John Bell
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    The Highland Divas
  7. "Fergus" Fergus rooted himself in the life and heart of the man that would become his guardian starting from the moment he stole Jamie’s precious Sawny. With an easy charm, strength of character and courage of a Highland warrior, this handsome Frenchman finds his true love, and true home, within the Fraser clan. The ties with Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian are stronger than any blood bond and it’s those ties that shape him into the man he becomes.
    César Domboy