David Berry

 Lord John Grey
From his first encounter with Red Jamie his path in life was irrevocably intertwined with the Frasers. Coming face to face as an adult with the man that had fooled him as a teen quickly changed the desire for revenge into a desire for the man himself. The friendship that grew between them was cemented for life with the birth of a child and the care given to raising the son of the man that held his heart.

Graham McTavish

       Dougal Mackenzie 
War Chief of Clan Mackenzie Dougal Mackenzie had a thirst for power that refused to allow anyone or anything to stand between him and his destiny. His ability to lead the men of the clan through the dangers of battle, tap room brawls and cattle raids was
only faltered by his own pride.
Yet still even with all his faults the man helped shape the warrior that was James Fraser.

Steven Cree

 Ian Murray
The head of the Murray family grew
up with his best friend and brother in law Jamie Fraser. Standing his ground in battle was nothing compared to standing his ground against the ever passionate tempers of the Frasers. With a kind hand and gentle heart he has become the cornerstone of Lallybroch, able to bring calm when
the flames of anger erupt, to bring a sense of logic to chaos, he is the strength that keeps the Frasers and
the Murrays together    

Richard Rankin

Roger Wakefield Mackenzie
 Astute, compassionate and just down right handsome, where would Claire be if it hadn't been for for Roger? Raised by his uncle, Reverend Wakefield, in Inverness, he learned from a young age how to navigate through the myths, legends, and truths of history's tragedies as well as its victories. Its that knowledge combined with his desire to be close to Brianna that helps light Claire's path to finding Jamie.   

Sophie Skelton

Brianna Randall Fraser
Strong, bold and beautiful Brianna ties two worlds together. Finding herself in a unique situation she brings all the Fraser strength and her mother's bravey to help solve the mystery of her father. The romance that begins with Roger at her side to help with research is a sweet begining to a love story that will take them on great adventures.


Lauren Lyle

Marsali McKimmie Fraser
Lauren joined Outlander in Season 3 as the strong-willed older daughter of Laoghaire Mackenzie. Previously, she appeared in three episodes of BBC’s Broken, which starred
Sean Bean as a priest; and in The Crucible, starring Richard Armitage. Fans really enjoyed her portrayal of the young woman with a fierce love of Fergus, and an equally fierce distrust of Claire.